Grand Designs' owner fights depression as build costs escalate

Vince Moores has his own cure for depression – he gets on his bicycle and pretty much doesn't stop for 12,000km, which gets him from Cairo right down to South Africa.

And it that's a bit too far, then he settles for shorter rides, diving, hitch-hiking or climbing – getting out into the "blue and green".

"I go back to nature and the simple things," he says.

Vince and Kathy Moores are pictured with Grand Designs host Chris Moller. At times, the build looked likely to be halted due to Vince's depression.

Which makes it all the more surprising that he and wife Kathy embarked on the biggest build ever screened on Grand Designs NZ. It's a massive house at picturesque Te Arai, north of Auckland.

"I've always been driven. I tend to take a lot of risks," says the entrepreneur who has had retail and hospitality businesses, and undertaken numerous property developments – he still has property in New Plymouth where the couple lived till they moved up to Te Arai…

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Douglas Moores