Grand Designs NZ: Owners of biggest build battle costs and mental health issues

This is Grand Designs NZ's biggest build to date - Te Arai Lodge, north of Auckland, home to Vince and Kathy Moores.

REVIEW: What do you do when your budget for a new home build doesn't just go over, but ends up being twice as much as you planned?

Answer: You turn your build into a business, and you worry about it.

On the latest episode of Grand Designs NZ – a house at Te Arai in Northland – host Chris Moller is also worried by the end of the build: "I just hope they get to enjoy it, and don't end up living in the shed".

Te Arai Lodge owners Vince and Kathy Moores battle escalating costs and Vince's depression in the latest episode of Grand Designs NZ.

The finish of this build, which ends up just under $5 million, is all the more remarkable because owners Kathy and Vince Moores are dealing with another problem, exacerbated by the cost overruns – Vince's depression.

Every Grand Designs programme has an interesting back story, but some are more gripping than others, and this is one of those.

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